It really bites my ass that I could only find very few photos of Kyle Chandler arriving at Letterman yesterday. Don’t they know this is our coach? Apparently the paps didn’t care. Maybe they’ll change their minds this weekend. This weekend is all about Super 8. They’re trying to make Super 8, brought to you by J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg, the movie surprise of the summer. Everyone’s looking for this year’s Inception. So far reviews for Super 8 have been largely positive but not exactly in a I want to punch myself in the face it’s so good kind of way. Not in an Inception kind of way. Those who didn’t like it aren’t particularly erect about their criticism either so maybe the trick is not to buy into the hype that Super 8 will change your life. And you should be good. Besides, Kyle Chandler is in it.

Sarah from Cinesnark is seeing Super 8 at a screening tonight. She’ll be reviewing it on her site very soon

Photos from Richie Buxo/