I watched Moneyball on the weekend.  I mean, it was fine. It was good. Brad Pitt is good.

He’s just doing a Coach Taylor impression, though.

I don’t want to say a Kyle Chandler impression, because I know Chandler can be other people than just Coach.  But of course that’s been the role he inhabited for us for so long, so completely.

There was no chance of a win last night.  He knew it, his wife knew it (I wonder who else was seated at their table?), and it was no surprise to anyone when the award went to Steve Buscemi.

But as Lainey mentioned last night, this is the final time.  There are no more opportunities to reward Kyle Chandler for Coach.  For the man he lived for five years  - and for creating a prototype for Brad Pitt’s Oscar bid.

Yeah, I said it.  He wouldn’t have been offered the role and he wouldn’t have taken it, I bet, if he had, but still.

Silver lining here is that we know Chandler is talented and that we’ll see him again.  

But Eric Taylor is no more.

(And don’t talk to me about a movie.  Movie finales to TV shows are just like a phantom pacifier the fans don’t want to give up. I’ll believe it when I see it.)

(Lainey: I’ve been saving posting this video until now. It’s really, really, really gone now.)