First it was Jason Katims for Writing... which...

It’s about F-CKING TIME!!!!


You don’t understand?

Because you don’t watch???

Well... I don’t know what else I can say. It’s been declared one of the best shows, if not THE best show, of ALL TIME. And Eric and Tami Taylor the most real marriage on television, like, EVER. Also all 5 seasons are now on DVD. So you can start tonight?

And then you’ll understand why every man has a man-crush on Kyle Chandler’s Eric Taylor. If Kyle Chandler walked into my house right now and told my husband to run 10 km up the hill and mow Mrs Hilldale’s lawn, and run home then start painting the outside of our building, he’d do it, no questions, not even a whimper, no regret about not being able to play EA NHL12 which he is currently attached to, he’d do it and he’d willingly cancel his tee time for this afternoon without complaint.

But Coach pulled the ultimate Coach move...

Coach forgot to thank Mrs Coach!

And did you see her reaction?

Start at 3:20, right after his adorable little chuckle. He knows he f-cked up, and she throws up her arms like - honey, are you kidding me? after all this time? As he’s hustling back to the mic to acknowledge her...

It’s ok. Because he really, really, REALLY was unprepared. (Duana has a slightly different perspective on it coming up right away) This, this win, it wasn’t supposed to happen. Not for our show, no. But you heard the cheers, didn’t you? You heard the people in the audience, the people who work in the industry, those people love our show too. And somehow, they made us 2 for 4 last night.

“So let’s hear it, one more time...”

Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.

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