It rarely works, and it works only on a select few. The red lips, the frizzy hair, the earrings, the makeup… for anyone else my mother would be screeching low classy. On Kylie Minogue, it’s perfect.

Love, love, love.

Kylie showed up at the Golden Camera Awards with some horse teeth too – unlike Hilary Swank, Kylie’s chompers are the cutest. This of course is because I’m biased and adore her. Having said that, at the very least, she doesn’t sell out ex husbands in exchange for boosting her own image.

Admittedly though, it took me a while. There was a time I couldn’t bear Kylie… I think because I can’t bear her sister who is a dumbass twat. Dannii Minogue – note the spelling of the name. Sorry but that’s almost worse than calling your kid Destiny.

Still… hate by sisterly association is unfair. And Kylie deserves better. Have now seen the error of my ways.

Kylie Minogue. Worship her.

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