My main gay Darren has been working hard, travelling from one coast to another for several months. As such, we haven’t been drunk together nearly enough all year. Darren misses me. He missed me so much yesterday he actually watched part of the hockey game and texted me from home, not knowing what he was looking at but wanting to feel close to me. I was touched. So here are two gifts in return for my ‘mo.

First a piece of cheese. Or a pair of cheese nipples depending how you look at it. Mario Lopez last night leaving Katsuya. Gross. Not Katsuya. Mario Lopez. Like really, really disgusting. I will never understand women who swoon at this beefcake business. It’s repels me. I actually feel queasy.

Darren however is all over it.

He’ll also be all over this:

Kylie Minogue announced her first North American tour today. Six cities – and Toronto is one of them! Thanksgiving weekend! Click here for more information. Book the flight, sister!

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