The AP is reporting that a Czech website is reporting that Kylie Minogue is marrying Olivier Martinez with whom she’s had an off/on relationship for years. This is the man not many people trust – Mira Sorvino’s mother (Mira and Olivier had a volatile relationship) once said of Kylie and Olivier: "If it"s commitment she"s after, she dating the wrong man." His rumoured indiscretions with Michelle Rodriguez and others would appear to support that.

But there are defining moments in every life. Kylie has always maintained that Olivier is the most honourable man she’s known, that he was there for her in her darkest hour, that through her battle with breast cancer, they grew closer in a way that may not have been possible otherwise, even though they split for a time after her recovery.

Kylie is performing in Prague on May 12 and has supposedly demanded an unusually high number of VIP tickets. The Czech website claims that this is where she’ll announce the marriage. Am hoping for the best. Love Kylie. Want her to be happy.

No official word at press time from her people. Will keep you posted.

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