Written by Duana

Kyra Sedgwick – what is not to love? She’s that particular type of woman – if Hollywood is high school, and let’s say for the sake of argument that that particular messed up sentiment is true – she’s the girl who’s always invited to the party, often stays in the background the whole time. We were too fickle to stick to one carpet but I didn’t see her actually interviewed on either.

But why isn’t this gorgeous tangerine* dream more heralded? Will anyone remember this among the seas of pinks and greys of this year that Kyra just absolutely pulled it out? She has this gorgeous face that does not age, she has those fantastic earrings that if someone could send a pic to my boyfriend before my birthday, that’d be great, and she has the charisma and style and height to pull off that dress. Why isn’t there more love?

Okay, so when Angelina leans against Brad it’s calculated, but when Kyra leans against Kevin – love! There’s love there! And we already know she’s gorgeous, and these people are never in the tabs, looking for your money – so here’s the Duana challenge. Find an episode of The Closer somewhere. Tell me if she’s endearing. Maybe we can create a fan club for this woman.

If for no other reason than I want to see her in more fantastic dresses.

*NB – I ate about six tangerines tonight. This post was not affected by the consumption of said fruits. I swear

Photos from Wenn.com and Frazer Harrison/Jason Merritt/ROBYN BECK/Gettyimages.com