While in theory we’re restricting ourselves to what happens at the show, in reality certain truths are self-evident – in this case, that Giuliana (Lainey: Duana keeps calling her Giuliana DePandi which is maybe my favourite thing in life, ever) irritated a wide swath of people far more than usual on the red carpet, and, in keeping with the SAGs being the awards where they really get to let it all hang out, they made less of an attempt to hide it.

Here is a partial list of people Giuliana visibly offended on the red carpet:

Jonah Hill
Michelle Williams
John Krasinski, and by extension, Emily Blunt
Julie Bowen (this was more like flummoxed, but still)

And finally, and most gloriously, Kyra Sedgwick.  

Because she was Not Having It.   

G starts right in with “what do you do to keep so fit??  Yes, Kyra was showing off a hot hot figure and some ink, so you could definitely say she wanted people to notice -  but there’s no good way to answer that question.  “I try to really make it to the gym a lot” will make people fall over from boredom, while, “I’m having an affair with my fecalist so I get extra colonics” is somehow inappropriate.  Only 19 year olds who don’t have to lie yet can answer it without looking like they’re grinding their teeth.

So our G blithely moves along - not to “hey, let’s talk about your show” or anything that might indicate she had some sort of entertainment knowledge, but instead, to “So you (and Kevin Bacon) have been together SO LONG, what’s your secret?  What would you tell the people out there?”

Sedgwick: “Don’t take marital advice from celebrities.”

I cheered.

I mean, it’s right there. It’s obvious. How could she not go for it?  And why doesn’t she get any credit for it?  You know who else would have said that? Tina Fey.    

The fact that Sedgwick is right is beside the point.  It’s that it’s an undignified question, inappropriate for the carpet, and even if she were going to answer, as if there’s an answer that fits neatly into a two-second soundbite?  “Oh gosh, we love swinging!”  Please.  

She was poised, she was beautiful,  and she did that thing that only some can do where her smile just got a touch icy as she responded.   This woman, whose show is finishing after a strong 7 seasons, may not get enough credit for being awesome.  Full stop.