The incident between Puffy, his son’s football coach, Sal Alosi, and a kettlebell? It’s over now. The LA County DA will not prosecute. They’ve sent the case over to the LA City Attorney for a misdemeanor but that’s not expected to go forward either. Not surprisingly, Diddy has declared this a victory for himself. As you recall, he maintained that he acted out of self-defence and that Alosi was abusing his kid over a period of three years. As noted when the incident first happened, it’s not like Alosi has the cleanest reputation either. And many predicted this wouldn’t go to trial anyway because UCLA wanted to avoid the drama and because, well, Puffy’s almost a billionaire. A donation later on wouldn’t hurt the school’s athletics endowment.

The more money we come across
The more problems we see

So between now and then, a lot of ass-kissing has to happen. Like, at this point, how do you keep Diddy away from the practices? You know Diddy. He’s going to act like since he’s been exonerated, his helicopter can keep hovering over the field. Last time I wrote about this, I asked the question: Do helicopter parents know they’re helicopter parents?

A few parents wrote me in response, telling me that the key word is being an “involved” parent, which is kind of like a parent side-eye. Because…isn’t being “involved” a given when it comes to parenting? It’s like calling a surgeon “steady-handed”. Um, yeah, I certainly hope so.