I love the beaded high collar of her dress. And the rest of it was... OK.

Mostly though, I just wonder why such little fanfare. Jessica Chastain, of course, doesn’t go around hungrily begging for it - like the Jessicas Alba and Biel - but at the same time, after this great year, people still don’t seem to really...care...? It’s like Michael Fassbender.

There are maybe, at this writing (11pm PT Sunday night) a dozen photos of Michael Fassbender on the biggest photo agency site so far. Maybe. It doesn’t seem to measure up to the amount of online panting over him.

Where is this disconnect, then?

Sarah wrote during the liveblog, after they cut to Fassbender, finally, “that's the first and last we'll see of The Fassbender. Because these producers do not understand what women want". Is that true? Is it that they don’t understand what women want? Or is it that they don’t give a sh-t what women of an acquired taste want?

How many people watching, and I want you to consider the mass audience, and not just what’s inside your head, and who you’re instant messaging on your iphone, know Michael Fassbender? And even for those who do know Michael Fassbender, how many of them watching, considering an audience that spans New York to Los Angeles and everything in between, and then beyond the oceans, want to see Michael Fassbender over Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and all the faces that 9 out of 10 people can identify?

As it is, Michael Fassbender doesn’t particularly hit Duana’s magic spot, and you will note, he’s officially been removed from my Freebie Five, having been put there, really, out of lack of options to fill a spot and not from pure desire.

That’s the decision they’ll say they had to make in the control room last night.

So for you Fassbender fans who’ve been writing to me in protest of the lack of Fassy last night, think of it then as an esoteric appreciation. You are special. Lord it over me if you want to. And soothe your sorrows with his finger bite, over and over and over again.