GaGa Born This Way and Adele One & Only

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You know, I love Lady Gaga, but … I’m a little underwhelmed. Born This Way, the highly anticipated first single off of Gaga’s new album was released online today. The audio clip is below. You like it?

Many are saying it’s a mashup of Express Yourself (the chorus) and Waterfalls (Believe capital H-I-M). But those two songs are so much more…like when I heard them the first time I wanted to punch myself from the amazingness. That’s the problem I suppose when you make declarations that something will be monumental, that it will change people, that it’s the best sh-t ever. I remember when Coldplay did something similar upon the release of Fix You positing that it would be the most important song of their discography, or something like that. And while Fix You is a good song, sure, I wouldn’t say it’s With Or Without You.

Attached – Gaga blowing her hair out of the car in LA yesterday.

If we’re talking great songs though, current great songs, I’ma have to drop my second Adele reference of the week. Her new album doesn’t come out for another 10 days in North America but somehow Sasha got her dirty hands on it and jizzed over Blackberry at me about One & Only. It’s since been added to the repeat repeat repeat list on my iPod. This girl and her voice – if you want transformational music, Adele will deliver.


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