How else would you describe it?

This is Lady Gaga at Good Morning America today arriving in typical crazy ass fashion, wearing a rubber suit, like literally a suit, with nipple tape and, by her standards, a rather ordinary hat.

Yesterday, while out and about, she was almost conservative, in a denim jacket, leggings, and biker boots. That particular outfit is her equivalent to our leggings and wellies with a hoodie.

Gaga of course is promoting Born This Way which has become Billboard’s 100th No 1. The single sold 448,000 copies last week breaking Britney Spears’s one week record for Hold It Against Me at 441,000. I haven’t bought Born This Way, have you? I’ll probably wait til the full album drops in May. Because, as noted many times already, the song isn’t doing much for me. Obviously, I’m a minority voice.

Anyway, now everyone is waiting for the Born This Way video, directed by Jonas Ackerlund who also directed Britney’s Hold It Against Me which will be released tonight on MTV. I could be a sh-t disturber and say that, um, it seems like Britney has to work less hard and achieves almost the same results? At least sales-wise. Discuss!

Photos from and Asadorian-Mejia/