Just going to the pub

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 21, 2010 14:23:33 October 21, 2010 14:23:33

How do you go to the pub? Your most comfortable jeans, flat boots? If I’m going to the pub down the road, I take out my contact lenses and throw on my nerd glasses too.

But I am not Lady Gaga.

She went to the pub in London today. And this.

She also sent milk and cookies outside to the paps waiting for her.

And I agree with all of you who’ve been emailing me the same thing: I just don’t know how Christina Aguilera is going to matter anymore, you know? Maybe I’m not creative enough. Lady Gaga could make Christina Aguilera matter again. Is that ironic? Not a rhetorical question.

In other Gaga news, Elton John revealed today on The View that he’s doing a duet with her. And EW.com confirms it’s called Hello, Hello for the soundtrack for Gnomeo & Juliet. Have you seen the trailer. SO cute. And James McAvoy and Emily Blunt. Doesn’t get better.

Photos from INF

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