“How wonderful life is, with Gaga in the world."

I liked her, and then I saw her live. And that’s when you know. She’s so sublimely absurd, ridiculous, campy, and the theatricality of it all is so intoxicating, so amusing, so ENTERTAINING, so cleverly ironic, you cannot help but love her. For what she is NOW. For now there’s no one else. Not even, gulp, Madonna.

Gaga’s pairing with Elton John was nothing short of inspired. The most rousing way to kick off the show, and what made it even greater was how much THEY enjoyed it. They loved every minute. And this is infectious. When artists are truly lifted by their work, it’s infectious. Fist pumpingly infectious.

Re: her costumes – all of them designed by Giorgio Armani. Not really sure why people claim astonishment anymore over what she wears. That’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Photos from Wenn.com and Kevork Djansezian/Christopher Polk/Robyn Beck/Gettyimages.com