Best Grammy Abs: Lady Gaga

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 14, 2011 05:54:35 February 14, 2011 05:54:35

She leans out when she’s touring/rehearsing. And it’s all that hot yoga. But goddamn I want those abs. Maybe after this f-cking cleanse I can start working on them.

So you know she arrived as an embryo. It’s a little obvious, obviously, but then again Gaga has never been known for subtlety. As noted last week, upon the release of Born This Way, the song is rather underwhelming. And while the stage show was certainly spirited, it’s hard to get it going when the song isn’t a starter. Having said that, as we know, Gaga’s performances are not limited to just the singing and dancing. There’s also, of course, the costuming. And right now, her new trend appears to be Knuckles. Knuckles on her shoulders, knuckles coming out of the side of her head, the new Monster attribute. It’s freakin’ me out to look too closely.

I really do love how excited she was about her award(s) though. I’d rather see her enthusiastic, even a little emotional, in her sort of whatever proper school English-y accent, being grateful for the recognition. She knows when to not be cool and detached. This is something I don’t know if Madonna remembers anymore. When Madonna was The Madonna, as ridiculous as she was, she still knew when to connect to the fans. Madonna hasn’t connected in a long, long time.

The real gold from Gaga at the Grammys though is what happened offstage. Specifically these photos. They are MAKING MY LIFE.

Check out the one with her greeting Jennifer Lopez. It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. Like, I’m sure JLo can see her face, but from this angle, it’s like she’s talking to the hat. Amazing.

Then there’s Gaga godmothering the Smith kids. This is the sh-t I want to see! At one point, Willow was modelling her outfit for Auntie Gaga.

And finally, Gaga with Dr Dre. Dude, he doesn’t know what to do with her. Can we please bottle his expression? Forget the awards, make this the whole show. I’d watch for 10 hours without pee breaks.

Photos from and Kevin winter/Lester Cohen/Mark Ralston/Larry Busacca/

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