A Burlesque Star is Born

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were at Coachella over the weekend, shooting scenes for A Star Is Born, which is Cooper’s directorial debut. It’s a remake of the 1954 Judy Garland film, with Gaga taking the Garland role (after it was initially intended for Beyoncé). Besides directing, Cooper is also playing the James Mason role as the alcoholic singer who launches one career as his own fails. The first official photo released from the film shows BCoop holding a guitar like he has never seen nor heard of guitars before while Gaga handles the mic like the pro she is.

I am getting SERIOUS Burlesque vibes, which is a compliment as I LOVE that stupid movie. It’s cheesy and terrible and a musical—which makes me want to pull my hair out—but it’s such a great SHOW. Christina Aguilera is a horrific actress but she belts out the musical numbers, and it has bonus Stanley Tucci and Cher being bitchy backstage besties. Any time Burlesque is on TV I have to stop and watch it, it’s magnificent(ly horrible).


A Star Is Born Redux is one of those movies—like Beauty and the Beast—where there is no downside. Either it will legit be good, and Bradley Cooper will turn out to be a talented director (he basically directed American Sniper through post-production, so he might actually be good at this), or it will be a spectacular spectacle of badness that stumbles into unintentional comedy gold like Burlesque. Star has one leg up in that Gaga is not a bad actress, and her natural theatricality works well for a movie like this. But then I go back to Cooper holding that guitar like he thinks it might attack, and the photos from the Coachella shoot, and I can’t stop laughing. A Star Is Born isn’t due till fall of 2018. That’s so long to wait for delights such as this.

Also attached - Lady Gaga performing at Coachella on the weekend, and Bradley Cooper arriving at a studio in LA late last week.  

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