That’s what they’re all doing this week, getting under the nuclear gossip cloud created by Taylor Swift and Kanye West and his wife. Did that make sense? Whatever. My point is, since that story is dominating headlines and attention, if you’re a celebrity and you have some bad news to share and you don’t want people focusing on you, drop your load now. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson are done. And so are Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney.

They’ve been together 5 years. He proposed in 2015. They were together through award season, the Golden Globes, the Oscars, as she was nominated both for co-writing a song and for her performance on American Horror Story. Up and down those red carpets they kept talking about their wedding plans. Well… but…acting doesn’t seem like, um, so much of a sidejob anymore. Page Six reported (again) this week that Gaga has accepted the role vacated by Beyoncé in Bradley Cooper’s version of A Star Is Born. It’s a different focus. And a different goal. Gaga wants to be a movie star first. And, well, you know, besides. If you were paying attention.