If every outfit is a costume, is it still a costume or is it just her clothes?

Lady Gaga is in London. No one actually knows if she dressed up for Halloween. Or maybe she’s playing Madonna playing Evita on an imaginary trip to Japan? I actually like the makeup on her face. I don’t understand it on her hands and forearms but the “natural” look on Gaga works really well.

Gaga of course is promoting the new album ARTPOP. It’s all Katy Perry and Gaga and Miley in our faces all the time because their releases have been so close together. Eminem is next. Billboard posted an article yesterday about how they all have duets and which one is better…?

The tracks are:

Katy Perry ft Juicy J “Dark Horse
Lady Gaga ft R Kelly “Do What U Want”
Eminem ft Rihanna “The Monster”


As a general rule, I like Katy Perry’s music the least. So we’ll put her in 3rd place. In 2nd place I think I might actually put Eminem because I’m not feeling some of the rhymes. Do What U Want is a good song. Maybe I’m just old.