Lady Gaga is playing Paris tonight. Before the show, she nipped out to do some shopping in her fishnets and leather jacket. Also, I think that’s supposed to be some kind of collar around her neck.

Imagine how cold that must be? The top of my ass is always cold. Always. And it’s not because I wear low riders. I don't. Am convinced there’s a patch of bad circulation up in that area. Jacek’s always like, why the f-ck is your ass always freezing? Am convinced this is why I have low back problems too.

Anyway, the chill to me is more shocking than what she’s actually wearing. Because, well, it’s Gaga. Only Gaga could come up with some sort of practical explanation for this kind of ensemble. Maybe it’ll save her time when she gets to the arena and has to put on her costume.

It's amazing to me how much her ass has changed. It was a lot juicier when I first saw it in real life over 2 years ago at the MuchMusic Video Awards. Still juicy now, but smaller, from touring and yoga she says. Am I the only one who has paid such close attention? To Gaga's ass? Her crotch looks the same.

Photos from Bauergriffinonline and INF