With her sceptre.

It takes a certain dedication to be comfortable being uncomfortable. And for over three hours. I often think this of Victoria Beckham and her heels. How she suffers for her image. Same goes for Lady Gaga last night, crammed into that seat. With no reason, not one, to get up. That’s my way of saying she lost in every category. Some people remarked that during Adele’s final win, Gaga made to get the f-ck out of there, bitter about being shut out. I didn’t watch from home so I couldn’t rewind that back on PVR but...I mean I get it if you want to rag on Gaga for her debatable performance art and all of it but I don’t remember her ever disrespecting another artist, or even encouraging speculation about feuding with another artist. In fact, in the interactions between her and other artists that I can remember, she’s always been rather sweet. If this is wrong, if she has sh-t talked someone, if she has ever sh-t talked Adele, send me the link, please, and I’ll happily sh-t on her face. But I can’t pick one of those incidents out off the top of my head. And, well, I usually don’t forget a good celebrity hate share, you know?

Having said that, if you want to Photo Assumption the first photo I’ve attached in this series, which is hilarious, I wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to go Star Magazine on a story about Gaga and Miranda Lambert throwing down.