Dear Gossips,

It’s the last weekend before the Oscars. How’s your ballot looking for the annual Red Carpet Contest? I’m going to pick up the designer prize bag next week. Remember, you’re playing for the bag, valued at CDN $1500, and a LOT of cash money. It’s $2000 and I don’t get to tell you how to spend it, although I have some ideas and would be happy to help you. Click here to enter.

As you know, Lady Gaga will be at the Oscars and, at this point, is heavily favoured to win for Best Song. She was at the Oscars last year for The Sound Of Music medley, remember? She did them a solid, they’ll do her a solid right back. A couple of years ago, it was a totally different story for Gaga at the Oscars. She was one of the last to arrive. I saw her trying to make an impact on the carpet. My position was right above Michael Strahan doing interviews for Live with Kelly and Michael. When she started coming towards him, he gave her his back. Click here for a refresher. In 2014, nobody cared. It’s been quite a turnaround since. Billboard assessed that comeback 12 months ago and how she had to recalibrate after ARTPOP to focus on her voice – a rebrand that totally worked.

Here’s Gaga in New York walking for Marc Jacobs yesterday. Do you think that means she’s wearing Marc Jacobs next Sunday?

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,