What I love about the Met Gala is that it is supposed to be COSTUMES, not pretty dresses. Pretty dresses are a dime a dozen, but this is one night to go balls out.

But what of the person who is always in costume? Lady Gaga, who the fashion world wants to believe is a trendsetter, even though she hasnt' had an impact on the way we dress, has mostly traded in the costumes for “serious” red carpet looks now that she’s a “serious” actress. The Little Monsters will hate me for saying this, but she’s not influential. She was, at one time, provocative and maybe even groundbreaking (I’m being generous). But no one is copying Lady Gaga’s style.

So I guess that’s why she tried to duplicate her own look. Check her here, in Versace. Fishnets and a bodysuit. We’ve seen her in fishnets and a bodysuit. Fishnets and a leather jacket . Fishnets and a metallic jacket. We’ve seen her hair bigger and her shoes higher and crazier.

This look is an homage… to Lady Gaga. Even PEOPLE Magazine, hardly a fashion bible, asked if she’s going back to her old ways. This is Gaga from 2,3 and 4 years ago. Hair and makeup is 2,3, 4 years ago. The problem with recycling this look is that it wasn’t that exceptional to begin with. There also hasn’t been enough space for it to become a nostalgic throwback. It lives in Nowhereland, where a lot of the dresses lived tonight.

She’s been called a style icon, but does that really count if the only one really excited about dressing like Lady Gaga is Lady Gaga?