SKIP to the next if you don’t watch it. Laguna is my dirty secret, my secret shame I can no longer hide. I honestly think I’m drugged…I honestly can’t get enough. Here in Canada though, Laguna comes on a 3 to 4 week delay, which I thought was totally fine before because I didn’t think LB3 would be that great anyway but holy sh*t, I just watched Episode 1 and I have not seen BITCH like this in a long, long time. Bitch as in “atmosphere”, bitch as in its own experience, frickin’ crazy, so crazy that for a seasoned bitch like me – even I had to cringe and look away and put my fingers over my face several times during the show. So yes you lucky Americans. I am officially jealous that we’re behind. VERY VERY jealous. Please…no emails…don’t spoil it for me. OK, maybe just a little. Tell me about Kyndra. Tell me if she grows a bigger c-bomb. She’s my favourite so far. Anyway - heads up for Canada – Laguna Beach 3 premieres on MTV Canada on Wednesday, September 6th. Oh and one word: Jessica.