Dear Gossips,

The Hollywood Reporter has a “Power Authors” feature in the latest issue, which is when I realised there’s to be another Nicholas Sparks movie. This time it’s called Safe Haven. Something about a mysterious woman moving to a new town with a dark secret but she falls for a hot widower who has no secrets and is exactly what he seems -- loyal, honest, the best dad, and sexy. It’s the Nicholas Sparks formula -- the men are flawless, the women must earn them.

Anyway, here’s the poster. Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel are embracing on a beach, just like Miley and Liam did in The Last Song only reversed, and not unlike Rachel and Ryan in The Notebook but without the rain, and similar to Amanda and Channing in Dear John but not sitting. I suppose at this point it’s a signature move.

Safe Haven opens at Valentine’s Day, obviously.

If however you’re in the mood for a slightly less conventional romance, Lawless was just released on DVD. I don’t know why people keep calling it a Prohibition-era crime drama. To me it was a love story. What did I miss?

Heading to New York tonight for the weekend, then Toronto all next week so I’ll be blogging from the road. Last (work) trip of the year!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,