Like, Oh.My.Goddess. Can’t believe we didn’t think of this one either. He’s the philandering, polka dot wearing, fanny arsed dandy-man. She’s a dogface mule with dual privates and a raging case of underarm stank. How is this NOT the most perfectest couple…evah??? See Jude and Cam filming in London. This photo brought a smile to my face, gossips. I took one look and the universe felt right. Like the Goddess was smiling and I heard her gentle voice whispering deep into my gossip soul, a sound as comforting as the click click and the ring ring of a casino lobby when the elevator doors deposit you on the main floor of the Bellagio. But I digress. She said to me in her wily way – Lainey, darling, my latest mischief. Do you like? And gossips, I do like. I do like a LOT. Jude & Cam together forever. Please???