Now here"s a bitch who needs a slap to Sunday. Sure, she"s rich. But in a town that only celebrates your recent success, what gives her the right to throw her sh*t around? Especially when the glory decade has long since wrapped? A while back, when she had reason to self celebrate, she came home to inform her hardworking personal chef that she had invited several guests over for dinner. With only just a few hours lead, the employee was required to whip up something elegant and delicious, something she accomplished in spades. Hoping for a word of encouragement or at least an expression of gratitude, the unfortunate minion greeted her boss the next day, asking her how things went, how she was feeling. And this is what she got in return: "I really wish you wouldn"t talk to me", followed by heavy footsteps out of the kitchen. Nice. Cut to present day, and apparently the assy manners are still in tact. She"s scheduled for a promotional product appearance and a driver is sent to pick her up. She gets in the car, he gets her settled, and politely asks her how she"s finding everything, if she"s comfortable, how she"s enjoying the weather. And you know what she said? "What gives you the idea that I want you to talk to me". Cue very loud exhale and the silent treatment the rest of the way. Now I know this shouldn"t be shocking considering the clientele we"re dealing with but when you"re brought up to exude charm and grace, how is this anywhere near acceptable? And you wonder why snarky celebrity gossip blogs are popping up all over the place???