I don’t know much about Lana Del Rey except that she had a poor showing on SNL and is very divisive: pop phenom or fraud? Some fans felt duped that edgy Lana Del Rey is actually rich girl Lizzy Grant, but some argue she’s an artist and has creative license to change her name/style of music/image. I’m more interested in her lunch date.

She was spotted in Paris with super producer Harvey Weinstein (they are both there for fashion week). He has a radar for ingénues, no? Is Harvey tired of Blake? Because he seemed super friendly with Lana. So Lana and Harvey go for a heavily-papped lunch where she posed all pouty and demure in an ill-fitting blue dress and he pawed her in front of the cameras.

Imagine his hot scotch breath on your neck. The reek of cigars. And you know he not only talks with his mouth full, but he probably spits when he talks, too. Little chewed bits of food landing on your plate as he loudly throws around the big names that he works with (and he’s worked with almost everyone).

But there’s no telling Harvey to f-ck off: he can be and say whatever he wants. Because Harvey makes movies – successful, Oscar-baiting, artistic movies – that fledgling starlets want so badly. Even to read one of Weinstein’s scripts must come at a price. Lana will have to do more than wear some frilly Marchesa gowns.