You didn’t think I’d let today go by without shouting out Landry, did you? No, Landry gets his own post, motherf-ckers!

Check out Jesse Plemons like a young Moriarity last night at the LA premiere of Battleship with his ...girlfriend?

So does Landry get to be part of the movie?

You know the movie is happening, right?

It’s really, really, really happening.

Last week, Sasha hilariously emailed Duana and me because she didn’t know the movie was happening. She’d recently burned through all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights and, as expected, because this is what happens when people finally discover the amazingness of Friday Night Lights, she lost her mind. She and her husband lost their minds.

Anyway, Sasha’s note about the movie had to do with Gracie Belle. What will Gracie Belle look like when we see the Taylors in the movie?

Did you know that Taylor Kitsch gets mobbed in Korea for being Riggins? We are everywhere, the FNL faithful. Click here for more about the movie. The movie IS happening!