You are all so kind. Several months ago when I posted photos of Lara Flynn Boyle all f-cked in the face, many of you cautioned that it was probably to do with treatment for a medical condition and not what I had presumed which was too much screwing around with enhancements and injections and Botox and whatever it is that these Hollywood people keep putting in their bodies. After all this time and so many celebrity shenanigans, you are still willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Me, I’m less forgiving and will go to hell for it. Because you cannot discount the effect that the not eating and the drugging and the wild days with Jack, you cannot deny that at some point she totally had to have Kidmanned herself, you can’t push all that aside and attribute all of the horror in her head to an illness. I’m saving my compassion for someone who’s considering this road and needs to be talked out of it.

But whatever the reason behind LFB’s drastic transformation, we’ll find out soon enough on her reality show. In October it was announced that she’s working with E! for a pilot about her life in Texas and Hollywood. She’s married to a real investor called Donald Ray Thomas II. I always assume that anyone who is a “the second” is rich.

Anyway, here’s LFB last night at a screening of Where The Day Takes You. I can’t look too long. And from some angles I thought it was Priscilla Presley who is, like, 30 years older than her.

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