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As expected, CNN has confirmed that Larry King sat down with Chris Brown for an interview that will air on September 2nd.

E! reports that “it was a no-holds-barred chat during which Brown answered every question put to him.”

Sure. Because these are the kinds of questions that Larry King asks:

How many karats are those diamonds in your ears?
Did you cry yourself to sleep at night?
What did you give your mom for her birthday?

Please. Of course he answered every question put to him. Anyone can answer a softball question.

You do remember Larry’s interview with Ebola after it was released from prison, don’t you?

He asked it what it ate behind bars. He asked it about using drugs. When it denied using drugs, he let it slide, even though it’s been photographed with drugs repeatedly. Any hardhitting news producer would have screamed in Larry’s earpiece to follow up and push the issue. Larry probably tuned out his earpiece.

Larry was too busy trying to stay awake to bother.

20 years ago?




Especially since Brown’s mother and attorney were with him.


Let’s put Chris Brown on national tv with his mamma. A boy with a mamma who loves him so much couldn’t possibly be so bad, right?

As I said before, forgiveness is important. Forgiveness is certainly possible. But where is the contrition? Can the contrition be found at Diddy’s party? Is the contrition sitting under a courtside seat at a basketball game? Does contrition reveal itself while jetskiing in Miami? Or shopping for luxury vehicles?

On the off chance Larry decides to Benjamin Button back his balls, contrition is the issue that should be addressed. Contrition in the form of action.

But this appearance is self serving. It has nothing to do with public service, it has nothing to do with social outreach, it has nothing to with anything other than image building to bolster Chris Brown.

A selfish endeavour for a selfish individual supported by a geriatric newsman who refuses to retire and who has forgotten what it means to be a journalist, watched by millions of f-cking idiots who will stupidly swallow it and then go out and download his new record.

Safe to say, no fried rice today.

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