For all the people who’ve betrayed her, for all the times she’s been sold out, for her wanker douche no good freeloading son of a bitch bastard of an ex husband and every assistant/nanny/record producer who f&cked her over….you’d think Britney would have the sense to hang on to the one man, a professional to say the least, who actually refuses to turn his back.

And still…she fired Larry Rudolph. She fired him and bitchslapped him publicly and now he’s running from a subpoena because after all that, he remains loyal. In a statement released today to Larry Rudolph said the following:

"Despite the things that Britney has publicly said about our relationship in the past, I truly understand where she"s coming from and why she"s said the things she said about me post-rehab and I don"t take it personally. As her former manager, I know and understand Britney better than anyone, I know what makes her tick and I understand everything she"s going through. With that being said, my loyalty will always stay strong with Britney. I have consulted with my lawyers and I do understand that eventually the time will come when they will find me, but until then, I"m trying to avoid being brought into this mess. She"s going through so much right now and I wish Britney the best."

This man would do right by her…why can’t this twat see that? Chicken Fried Stupid!!!