The last time Lars Von Trier came to Cannes, a lot of movie people stormed out the theatre, expressing disgust with Antichrist. He reacted as he does. Like people don’t get him. Like an auteur misunderstood. Some would say that’s how he gets off.

And yesterday he pushed that too far.

During a press conference for his new film Melancholia, which is receiving some very good reviews, and in competition this year, Von Trier first decided to publicly discuss Kirsten Dunst’s struggle with depression, and then went off on a ramble about Jews and Nazis and Hitler. Put it this way, he came down on the wrong side of that situation. And he thought he was being clever and witty. Not clever and witty. Just… ignorant, dumb, obnoxious.

So they’ve banned him. Asked him to leave. In 2000, Dancer in the Dark won the Palme d’Or. A decade later they’re expelling him from the Festival. They did however allow him to present his film at the Palais last night.

Kiki looked great in Rodarte. She also looked great earlier in the day in mustard. In fact, she’s looked great the entire time here in Cannes. We saw her at the Hotel du Cap a few nights ago at the sunrise party and all of us were very surprised at how fresh she seemed, enthusiastic, hopeful, and bright; I kinda feel bad for her now that her director decided to take a piss on his own project.

But can we just talk about the Charlotte Gainsbourg? Because…

She’s wearing black sheer and a bra and letting her belly out on the steps and it is sexy as f-ck I love her so much. Like, who else looks this steezy when they’re pregnant?

Photos from and and Pascal Le Segretain/