This green dress really moved me onscreen, but in the still pictures, it’s less dynamic.   Maybe that’s the point of sequins, that they have to be seen in motion to really kick you in the eyeballs.      

It’s an interesting dress – both super-sexy and a little bit austere.   What is that?  Is it covering your shoulders that makes women look like they could still ground you with no problem, even from up on stage?

Laura Dern is, according to IMDB, about to be 45.   She already won for a new show that, by the way, would have been eligible for about 15 minutes before Globes voting closed.  That’s got to mean something, for her to win like that. She’s hot, she seems classy, and she’s happy to be doing TV.  She’s basically got it made.  I mean, I’m never going to forget she was with Billy Bob, but you think she’s sweating that now?

We say it all the time, but it’s not a race, it’s a marathon.  Be like her.  Take time to breathe and make your next move.  Don’t panic.  It only ever looks good on you.