She’s limp…for sure. Maybe not the brightest girl on the block. Definitely needs some more spunk…and I ragged on her hardcore for it on The Aftershow on MTV the other day after The Hills Canadian premiere, especially when she had her ass kicked by one of the most powerful women in her industry and instead of crying about THAT, she continued to pine for Jason. But still… Lauren Conrad is adorable. Lauren – for all intents and purposes – actually has a JOB. And when you consider that everything in Hollywood is all relative, compared to the other reality show skanks whoring about town, Lauren is a refreshingly clean example in terms of behaviour AND attire. On her career: "I"ve been given an opportunity with Laguna Beach and The Hills, and my father – who is the smartest man I know – has advised me to capitalize on those opportunities. So that"s what I"m trying to do – make contacts, get to know people. Hopefully that will help me as I start moving into my fashion career." On her clothes: "Sometimes I look at what really young girls wear and I can"t believe it – I have underwear that covers more than what some of them have on! I think it"s important that girls know that they can be attractive and sexy in a classy way and that guys actually like that more than when they see girls who show a lot of skin. For me, I like clothes and I like to wear them to cover up." And in that respect, she really does walk the walk. Lauren never looks slutty. So what’s not to love? LC over Kristin any day. Source