Lauren Conrad showed up at the People Grammy kickoff last night, pounding every last carpet before The Hills Season 3 finale on Monday. If you’re hardcore about The Hills, you will love it. And you will love that the show has been picked up for a fourth season – more Lauren but less ….who?

Word is some cast members have not been renewed.

As for how it ends this go-round (SPOILER AHEAD), most seem convinced it’s Lauren once again being offered a chance at Paris. And this time, she’s supposedly smart enough to take it, rather than passing it over for a boy. Lauren would not confirm the speculation last night but did say she made a tough decision – one that was right for her.

Don’t forget The Aftershow will be live on MTV and MTV Canada from LA on Monday and I’m told ALL cast members will be there walking the carpet and chatting with my sweet Dan Levy and the always always adorable Jessi Cruickshank.

PS. Lauren has nice boobs, non? But seriously...she needs to stop dressing like Rossum.

Photos from Splash