Three weeks to go and then’s that time again. The Hills Season 4. Am officially over it, but that’s probably a minority sentiment.

As momentum builds for the latest round of scripted reality, the esteemed Entertainment Weekly, my favourite magazine, is featuring Lauren Conrad on its new cover. In true EW fashion, it’s perhaps the most insightful article on how The Hills actually comes together. Like Lauren’s “shooting schedule”. And the “story meetings” every Monday at MTV where they “decide” what aspects of the girls’ lives will make it onto the show. And of course the denouement of the rumoured break-up with Audrina, said to pack so much emotion, even the producers wept during filming.


The article is a fascinating read.

And my favourite part:

“Heidi and Spencer declined to be interviewed for this story once they learned Lauren was on the cover.”


Click here for the piece in its entirety.