As you know, Lauren Conrad has her own rather successful clothing line. One of the dresses in her Holiday 2008 Collection is called The Jessi…named after Jessi Cruickshank, the gorgeous and impossibly adorable host the MTV’s The Aftershow which is shot and produced in Canada.


What’s Jessi like? So smart … SO smart. And so funny, and much, much cooler in person when she doesn’t have to be all “tv friendly”.

Jessi > Lauren Conrad.

Jesse = more like Herve Leger.

And frankly, this you-can-find-it-at-Bebe cheap frock is totally beneath her. Why the f*ck is it $250???

In other Lauren Conrad news – big surprise. She’s the victim again. Something about Spencer spreading lies about her dating Justin Bobby and Audrina to weak and dumb to stand up to the truth.

Have you stopped caring yet?

Jessi photo from Toronto Life