This is an I Hate People article.

It will make you angry and punchy. You have been warned.

Lisa Rinna “wrote” a book. It’s called Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever.



Yes. Her. Lisa Rinna can help you improve your life.


She was at a signing yesterday and showed off all six of her lips. I’m telling you, in person those lips are even more f-cked up. We saw her on the carpet at the Oscars this year and I ran away from them like it was a dark alley.

Someone with six lips can “write” a book. And sell it. A real writer with talent can’t sell sh-t. But a reality show "star" can sell EVERYTHING.

Lauren Conrad’s LA Candy is a bestseller. She also “wrote” it herself. It’s the first of three and now it’s apparently being adapted into a movie about a pretty blonde girl called Jane Roberts who works as an intern, hangs out with her bff, gets offered a reality tv show, runs into boy drama and girl drama, and remains perfectly lit in every shot.

Lauren wants to produce the project but will not be acting.

Why not?

She’s a poseur at everything else.

Here she is shopping yesterday with Lauren Bosworth, spending the money that dumb people have thrown away.

Break up with the friend who bought LA Candy.

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