Staying skinny won’t make him stay. But you will learn that the hard way.

LeAnn Rimes doesn’t go anywhere these days without fiancé Eddie Cibrian. He doesn’t want to miss a moment out there either. After all, that’s why he upgraded right? And that’s why he’ll always be looking to climb. I don’t enjoy the game of psychologising from a distance but in this case, I wonder if that’s why she works out so hard. Because deep down she knows and she’s afraid.

I suppose you get what’s coming though. In one form or another.

And did you see the BitchFace? The BitchFace exploded all over my inbox soon as it happened. Many of you saw the BitchFace too, watching LeAnn watch Miranda Lambert, realising that, at 28, she’s over. This is the face of someone who knows she’s over.

See below and skip to the 4 minute mark.

Photos from Adriana M. Barraza/ and Jason Merritt/