So they’re engaged now. After a year of constant arrogant bullsh-t, and a Shape Magazine cover controversy – click here for a refresher - and a previous engagement that they denied because they wanted to maximise their exposure, and now a year-ending “official” engagement when all the real stars are in hibernation, so as to leverage more fuel for what’s sure to be an upcoming reality show…

Would these two please F-CK OFF???

Needless to say, LeAnn has been documenting every moment of this happy news on her Twitter. This was my favourite comment:

The ring is out there. Someone got a shot of us at the beach, so that's not much a secret, but the rest is very personal and sweet. I was shocked to say the least.

“Someone got a shot”?

Have you seen this “shot”?


Please click here and take a good look at that “shot”. Does that look like it happened by accident?

There’s actually a whole series of them but they’ve been blocked from web use which is why only can post it. About 40 photos, all “candid” but taken super close and from very flattering angles with the best light, of these two losers posing like they’re in a Calvin Klein fragrance ad. In some of them she’s leaning back on the railing, and he’s bent over her, and they’re kissing looking longingly into each other’s eyes. In others, he has his arms wrapped around her from behind, and his hands have hitched up her shirt TO EXPOSE HER ABS, as they’re gazing out towards the ocean. It’s pathetic. It’s hilarious. It’s so f-cking obvious I don’t know why she bothers. And I wish SO BADLY I could post them but for whatever reason, probably a magazine exclusive, they’ve been embargoed and are off limits.

So you’ll have to settle for these: here are LeAnn and Eddie and THE RING at LAX heading to Mexico for a holiday. You’ll see her on the beach in a bikini soon. Trust.

Why Daniel Craig? WHY did you become them?

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