Lea Michele and Cory Monteith spent the weekend in Cabo by the pool. So I guess their love is, like, for real for reals now? I mean, I feel like that happiness on her face is totally for reals. I don’t know that she’s that great of an actor that she’s faking those feelings. And, well, at the risk of getting into a fight with you all, I think I might be into it. I think I might be into how happy he makes her, especially if it means she chills her sh-t out for a while because of it.

Having said that, I get it; I get it if you think it’s fake. It’s too easy not to be, right? But is that his deal? I don’t know if that’s his deal.

Anyway, here they are on holiday looking fit and (fake or real, you decide) happy and OMG, how much do you LOVE that black bikini? SO MUCH! SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH I WANT.