Written by Duana

Lea Michele is, in a manner of speaking, what I want for Christmas 2011. Soft spot? For the overdramatic emoting singer who’s 24 going on 17? Me? What do you mean?

Okay, first things first. I do kind of love her. That is, I love that she’s unabashedly delighted with being on a hit show and red carpets and isn’t all “Oh but BROADWAY” and guys, she LOVES dressing up and she loves to win and she’s only the same age as Leighton, who’s certainly had some clothing biffs this year.

But I think what people hate about her is she feels so ENTITLED to her GIGAAAAANTIC emotions. If she feels like a little girl, she has to feel it to the BIGGEST! DEGREE! POSSIBLE! Hence the pepto-dress with 95 bows. If she gets emotional because her costar Chris Colfer wins the Golden Globe (in, of course, an adorable speech that could have been FAR longer and more overwrought), she has to feel how much she wanted it with EVERY fibre of her being! She HURTS! She LONGS! And when it comes to carpets, she FLOUNCES! In pink! And if she’s going to pretend to flirt with Seacrest, then by God she’s going to sound like she inhaled helium when he makes her ‘laugh’, because what else is there to do?

On a slightly less cynical level, if you’re nominated for an award that’s a big deal, and other people you care about totally are, it probably helps to release some tension to be uber-emotional for everyone else. Otherwise you’d just be sitting and waiting for your name to be called – and then when it wasn’t, trying not to see Agron looking like a pink crème puff over there, wondering idly if she might be able to someday get married on an actual cloud….it’s hard, for a poor girl like Lea.

I guess what I’m saying is she can’t help it. She’s just got to feel! Because if she doesn’t feel, how can she emote? How can she sing? How can she show her audiences what beats inside her blood? She HAS to push people out of the way when her show wins for best ensemble so that we can see her, smiling bravely, after her devastating loss. It’s the only thing she can do.

I really hope she has a public romance this year, or a big role, or something, because I want her to be one of Barbara’s most fascinating people of the year this year. I’m asking Santa.

Lea cries

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