You know, the HateF-ck List that Jacek wrote about. I have one for boys and girls. And if were to hatef-ck Sapphic styles, my first ride would be Lea Michele. Look at her here at the Time 100 event last night in New York. Again with the f-cking hungry Try.

She was on Ellen the other day promoting the Glee tour too. Glee. That show. I haven’t watched last week’s and I didn’t watch yesterday. Because there are hockey games on every night. Good hockey games. So you need to be a good good show to get me away from the hockey. And all they do is sing at each other now and try to out-zing each other too. The last one I watched with Kristin Chenoweth was marginally better, but the House Is Not a Home song felt like the length of the bible and in trying to be so witty it’s just become so tedious. Not to say it sucks, though, of course not. This is all relative to how great the show was before. And Glee will always be more watchable than, say, Dancing with the hasbeen sh-ts. But the groove is missing for sure.

Anyway, I tip my hat to you if you can get through these 6 minutes.

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