Remember when Lea Michele meangirled Hailee Steinfeld who then went on to get nominated for almost every major award and Lea had to swallow back her own sh-t and be nice to her at the shows? Blind, deaf, and dumb Glee fans were all like – no way, Lea could never be a bitch, she’s so nice and grateful on Twitter!

Guess what?

They’re young, they’re famous, and they can be mean. More often than not they are mean. Most of the time they are mean because they’re hungry. Also they’re mean because they’re insecure and constantly feel threatened. And when you put several of them together at a public event, sometimes they feed their meanness off of each other. Which is apparently what happened at Coachella.

Lea Michele was there with Chord Overstreet and Harry Shum Jr. They were hanging in the VIP section. Harry was trying to roll undercover, giving a fake name and a fake life story to two girls who had already figured it out. Then Lea started making fun of them – their voices, the fact that they seemed to buy into Harry’s story, the fact that they weren’t the stars of their own tv shows…?

Whatever. Saying Lea Michele is up her own ass these days is like declaring that John Travolta is gay. Too obvious. Rather, I think the real loser in this situation is Harry Shum Jr. Which…boner killer. You’re already in the VIP area at Coachella where every two bit celebrity decided to go this weekend, including David Hasselhoff. You are hanging out with the most well known, visible face on the cast (Lea), and another actor who is on the show. And you decide to front like you’re someone else? Lame.

Sit DOWN, Harry Shum.

Here’s Lea at the LACOSTE party in a really cute jumper.

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