The Billboard Women of the Year Awards are happening today in New York. The recipient of the first ever Billboard Triple Threat Award will be Glee’s Lea Michele. You know I find her a tough pill to swallow, but I cannot disagree. And when she sings everyone else should, really, sit down. Especially that Charice child. Everyone’s all jizzy about Charice’s vocal stylings but … I think it’s too much. Too. Much.

Anyway, here’s Lea arriving at the Billboard event today with her boyfriend Theo in an awkwardly lengthed skirt. It may have been better with black shoes. Not that I don’t like the black and nude heel combination – I do so much – but there’s something about the way she’s being cut off at the leg here, a certain look she’s going for, that would have been better served with a solid colour.

Also, that goddamn fringe is awful.

Photos from Jackson Lee/