The Lea Michele Project continues. She’s a smoking, harried waitress in Sons Of Anarchy. She’s a sexpot at the Teen Choice Awards. Sexy not sweet? Or both?

It occurred me to me, looking at these shots, that she wants to be someone. She’s trying to go for someone else’s vibe. And it came to me:


Lea Michele’s working JLO. As Traci Melchor just said to me, “We all want to be JLO”. Of course we want to be JLO.

But can we?

Can anyone?

Can she?

You know, there are some similarities. JLO’s attitude at the start of her career was not unlike Lea’s now. Lea is also a Bronx girl. And the work ethic, the hustle, has never been in doubt. Come on. Who among you would have predicted the first time you saw this video that JLO would become JLO?