She is still a pose-hard on a red carpet but... Lea Michele smells a lot less Try these days, non? She smiles more than she open-mouth gapes when she’s getting her picture taken. And the smile seems sweet, genuine, rather than desperate. Maybe I’m letting an assumption inform my observation.

The assumption is that Lea is really, really happy. Because

My interpretation of it is exactly like their Glee characters: She never thought he’d like her back. She says as much too. Lea told Life & Style this week that:

“I really think finding someone that you are best friends with is the secret. I’m dating my celebrity crush!”

Fine. And she's wearing his name on her neck. But why is she giving exclusive interviews to low rent publications like Life & Style? Lea’s not Jennifer Lawrence, obviously, but she’s not Life & Style either. When these things happen I always get suspicious that there must be another reason, a trade off to bury another story. NO IDEA if this is actually the case, and it’s not a clue to something else. Just… if this really is all there is to it, her publicist needs to be aiming a little higher.