Is it a good idea or a bad idea when your dress matches the font at the photo wall, especially when the shade is a weird nude?

Well, that’s one way to get in tight with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. They’re easy. Remember The Tourist? Remember, um, Jennifer Love Hewitt? Oh I know they’re trying to clean up their image, the HFPA, but, to borrow from True Blood, these people can be glamoured. The celebrities know it, and they use it to their advantage. That may explain how Glee keeps getting nominated for Golden Globes even though most of the other more reputable awards boards have long gotten over it. Having said that, let’s not complain. I would much rather have her there, Lea Michele, at the Globes in January, a pose-harding institution at this point, than not.

The HFPA will announce the Golden Globe nominations on December 13.