We’ll get to the poseharding Try in a minute. But first...

Let’s enjoy some bitchass amazingness from Lea Michele who gave an interview to the Hollywood Reporter recently and revealed that the Glee producers are saving Justin Timberlake for the all important post Super Bowl episode. Then came this gold:

“... he is so perfect for our show. He has to be on it! When I met Jessica Biel, like a loser, I asked her to tell Justin to come on our show (laughs). She was a little taken aback and said, "Um, OK. I'll tell him."

In other words, Shelfy got TOLD. By Lea Michele of all people. That she’s really only good for being Pippy’s girlfriend. It was a dick move, totally. But don’t lie to me and tell you don’t live for this sh-t.

Lea also discusses the much-hyped Britney Spears themed episode coming up this season, to be headlined by “Brittany” the dumb cheerleader and – yay! – says that hot Harry Shum Jr will have more of a presence this year. Interestingly enough, she also builds in an out for herself. Of course. This girl is all about More. Click here to read the interview.

And here’s Lea at the Blackberry Torch party last night in Hollywood. As I noted during the Teen Choice liveblog the other day, with that fringe and her orange, she looks like she belongs on a telenovela these days. Then Duana quipped that Glee has pretty much become a telenovela. Truth.

As for the Blackberry Torch – no secret that I prefer Blackberry and have been loyal to Blackberry because of texting and email, it’s all I do. And that iPhone touch screen is bullsh-t. But where Blackberry sucks is its browser. The worst. Nearly three years ago with her old, busted up iPhone, Duana and I were in London and she could open my webmail on two low connection bars, and STILL Blackberry can’t get that right. Until now. They claim that the Torch’s internet capabilities are much improved. Ok fine. But WHEN???

It’s available today in the USA. In Canada... no word. Um, aren’t we the Motherland???

Photos from Wenn.com