Post By Duana

IMDB says Lea Michele's birthday is August 29, 1986. I have a friend who shares this exact birthday, and based on hangouts with her, that means getting settled into 23, not leaving anytime soon. 24 is awhile away. When you're 23-not-24, the point of fashion is fun or ridiculous or 'I can't believe I get to wear this'. At least that's what I remember.

So why is Lea Michele - who attended only the Elton John party, it is to be assumed, not the actual awards - dressed like she's a substitute vocalist who's arrived to sing with the Philharmonic at the Kennedy Centre Honours?

So the dress is gigantic. And even though I would never - even though I think when you're 23 and a minute big the idea is to make it look as fun and easy and effortless as possible - I can kind of understand that there are some people for whom the ball gown is the ne plus ultra, the swanning around feeling the sweep of fabric behind you is amazing.

But then why the skinned back Eva Peron hair? Why the furiously applied blush? What is so out of control in Lea's life that she needs to Button! Up! So! Tight?

Compare and Contrast: Demi Lovato. Even younger (August 20, 1992) but the principle remains the same. As an invited guest to Elton John after the Oscars, you are there to provide some levity, some wide-eyed enthusiasm, and yes, a little eye candy. And Lovato is Note. Perfect here. Looks great, poised to have a good time, enjoy herself.

Here's a party dress test. Let's say you go to eat an oyster and accidentally spill a little bit. Demi can hop cutely out of the way, save her dress, have a laugh, and move on.

Lea? At best it's an awkward shuffle and a blot. At worst a disaster. She is talented and delightful and seems to like her job and going out and about on the carpets - so why is she allergic to sartorial fun?

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